Educational and Cultural Activities aimed at Children and Teenagers, with a playful and dynamic format. The focus is on media literacy through the experimentation of audiovisual language, the education of the gaze to better appreciate films and the promotion of citizenship and critical thinking. Midiativa / comKids workshops have different formats, such as Scriptwriting, Sound Recording, Scene Puzzles, Board Games, and others. All connected with themes addressed to children.

The activities always start from the exhibition of a film, moving towards critical discussion and the doing of practical experiences, enabling the active participation of children and young people.

The workshops have been held by the comKids educational team since 2011 and with the partnership of  organizations like MIS program (Museum of Sound and Image-São Paulo), Unibes Cultural and Assistencial , Catavento Cultural, Guarapiranga and Heliópolis (São Paulo) CEUs (Integrated Educational Centers, Sao Paulo),  among other cultural and educational institutions.



Check out some of the comKids workshops videos on the Youtube channel Oficinas comKids!


For more information about the Midiativa workshops, call us on: + 55 11 3032-6159 or write to: [email protected]

Featured image: comKids/Midiativa workshop at Unibes Assistencial, 2016, Midiativa.

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