Midiativa and comKids have already carried out several training activities for audiovisual producers, such as the two editions of the online course “Quality Children’s TV: from inspiration to realization“, a partnership between comKids and LatinLab (2015 and 2016). In it, those interested reflect on themes and processes of development and production of content for children, with the challenge of generating spaces for the potentialization of competencies, from innovative visions and dimensions. It was an opportunity to exchange information and professional experiences that enhance the creation of quality audiovisual, digital, and interactive content in Brazil and throughout Latin America.

The organization also holds workshops that aim to mobilize the various actors involved in electronic and cultural production for children and youth audiences (professionals, educators, initiatives in general, and the public) in favor of quality content.

See below some photos of the comKids workshops held in the year 2017.

Prix Jeunesse International Case 2017 – With Kirsten Schneid (Germany).
Interview with children and child casting – With Jan-Willem Bult (Netherlands) and Aldana Dualde (Argentina)08/19 – Workshops 1 and 2 – comKids PJ Iberoamericano 2017
Pocket Workshop – Making an animated film with cell phone and objects – With Fernando Galrito (Portugal)
08/20 – Making an animated film with cell phone and objects
In addition, Midiativa and comKids periodically hold training sessions for teachers and educators at schools and third sector organizations. Among the institutions with which we already work in partnership are different units of Sesc, Ação Educativa, CENPEC, Unibes (Cultural and Assistential) and Escola da Vila.


Front IMG description: Workshop “Making an animated film with cell phone and objects”, with Fernando Galrito (Monstra, Portugal) took place as part of the comKids 2017 celebration. Photo: Danila Bustamante / comKids


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