In 2022, Midiativa became one of the selected organizations for the Pro bono program Nelson Wilians Institute – INW 2022. The program offered by INW aims to bring access to justice, free of charge, through consultative legal advice and technical training on topics that reflect on the Third Sector.

“We want to add planning capacity, efficiency in the use of financial resources, and risk mitigation and management in the face of eventual legal demands for organizations. We were honored by the number of organizations that applied and trusted this partnership,” says Anne Wilians, founder and president of INW.

The Nelson Wilians Institute, conceived in March 2017, with headquarters in São Paulo (SP), is a non-profit social organization that works for social empowerment as a condition to overcome inequalities.

To this end, it works in partnership with local social institutions, through programs focused on Education and Law. The Institute has social justice as its north and prioritizes the assistance to teenagers, young people, and women, historically the most affected by inequalities in Brazil.

INW is the social investment arm of Nelson Wilians & Advogados Associados (NWADV).

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