Senha Verde (“Green Password”, in English) is the result of an initiative that aims to consolidate a network formed by the Goethe-Institut and Latin American public channels that carry out audiovisual projects for children, encouraging local productions and fostering exchange between these countries. Aimed at children aged between 8 and 12, each season consists of 13 micro-programs lasting four minutes each. Among the channels participating in the project are: TV Ciudad (Uruguay), TV Brasil, Señal Colombia, ValeTV (Venezuela), Pakapaka (Argentina), Canal 22 (Mexico) and CNTV (Chile).

Each channel produced episodes addressing ecological problems that mobilized children and the solutions they found to improve the planet. Broadcasters assumed responsibility for producing eco-stories from their respective countries. The Goethe-Institut created mechanisms to guarantee a fluid dialogue and permanent exchange between all those involved. The Institution was also responsible for the specific functions of translation, dubbing and transcoding. Click here to read more about the project!

Watch some episodes:


A panela mágica (Uruguai)


O presente (Colômbia)


Bonecas do quilombo (Brasil)

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