With leadership of Midiativa, together with MultiRio, after Melbourne (Australia), London (UK) and Thessaloniki (Greece), Rio de Janeiro hosted the 4th World Summit on Media for Children and Adolescents, a meeting focused on the Media Dimension as one of the strongest influences in the constitution of values and knowledge of children and young people in the contemporary world. This 4th World Summit was part of an international movement for Children and Youth’s Right to access Quality Media. This movement is coordinated by the “Summit on Media for Children Foundation”, based in Australia. The summits take place every three years and bring together creators, producers, directors, distributors, industry representatives, researchers, educators, children and youth. The meetings aim to raise awareness and articulate a discussion on quality media for children and young people on all five continents in order to influence legislation, production, and marketing of these products around the world. Under the theme “Media of ALL, for ALL”, in this 4th meeting, the debate went beyond the production made for television and addressed with emphasis, for the first time in the history of the movement, the issues involving media convergence reflected in the production of film, information technology, radio, edutainment, advertising and other electronic media. The 5th Summit took place in 2010 in Sweden. In 2014 was in Kuala Lumpur and 2017 in the UK, Manchester. http://wsmcf.com/foundation/foundation.html

image: Foto extraída de Free Images.com

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