VILATIVA – Project for Children

The Vilativa project was a partnership between the educational institution Escola da Vila and Midiativa, in the years 2006 and 2007. In this project, high school students acted as curators of an [...]

MídiaQ Research

In 2003, Midiativa started MídiaQ in partnership with the Fundação AVINA. The objective was to generate references for achieving quality on TV, based on public opinion, besides evaluating the [...]

comKids Festivals

In 2003, some Ibero-American media professionals, concerned about the timid participation of their countries in the Prix Jeunesse International Festival, decided to create their own version, [...]

MY TURN Project FPU (Free Press Unlimited)

The “Minha vez” (My turn) is the result of a partnership between comKids and the Dutch Non-Governmental Organization Free Press Unlimited, which works with children’s right to information [...]


comKids is part of an international network of producers and one of the purposes of the portal project is to integrate the Latin American region with the Iberian Peninsula and other Portuguese [...]

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