In 2003, Midiativa started MídiaQ in partnership with the Fundação AVINA. The objective was to generate references for achieving quality on TV, based on public opinion, besides evaluating the quality of TV programs watched by children and young people, and generating awareness in TV producers and advertising agencies, leading them to practices that are socially responsible.

MídiaQ, a survey conducted by the company MultiFocus Pesquisa de Mercado, is a tool that helps the TV and advertising markets to incorporate social responsibility into their work, based on quality references from parents and children. 

The research was done in 2004 and 2005 and resulted in the MídiaQ Award. Supported by Fundação AVINA and promoted by Grupo Meio & Mensagem, the MídiaQ Award gave visibility to quality TV programs aimed at children and teenagers, rewarding not only producers, but also advertisers and agency media that made their broadcast possible. The winners were chosen through the Midiativa ranking, generated from qualitative and quantitative research carried out with parents and children.

Here we have some links from press news about the initiative:

Mídia Q na Ilustrada FDSPMídiaQ Ilustrada 2

Matéria FDSP

MídiaQ – Meio e Mensagem Pg 1 e Pg 2

MídiaQ – Meio e Mensagem 2

MídiaQ – Revista Veja

Revista da gente MídiaQ

Featured image: MídiaQ Award, Design: Jaqueline Terpins.

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